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Beer Label


By on December 17th, 2018

Malti da Legare is an Italian craft brewery that is constantly on the lookout for new experiments, fusions, innovations and cultural melting pots; and this is how their beers are created. Russian Imperial Stout, a key product of this craft brewery, is a beer with character formerly brewed in England for the Russian court. Faced with the challenge of launching new craft beer formulas with attractive images, Andrea Basile (from the graphic design studio ABasileADV) with his creative talent was entrusted with the branding and new image of the stout’s label. The designer, who combined the unique and craft character of the beer with a captivating and youthful style, christened the Russian Imperial Stout as Barbanera – the Italian name for Blackbeard – the notorious pirate from England, where this variety of beer originates. Blackbeard represents not only the adventures on this beer’s journey from England to Russia but also the adventure embarked upon by the Malti da Legare craft brewery.

The designers were inspired by the Manter Constellation Jade Raster self-adhesive paper produced by Arconvert. This is a natural paper made from pure cellulose, embossed and with an iridescent effect, which is not only used for the label (wrapped around the whole bottle) but also for the bottle’s seal. The project experiments with a chromatic contrast: the shiny white of Arconvert’s self-adhesive paper and the black of the elements used in the design that in turn are obtained from offset printing.

The design of this label won the first prize at the OpenArtAward 2018 for the Label section at ABasileADV.

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