Wine Label


By on December 13th, 2018


The La Spinetta winery was officially founded in 1977, although its history is linked to that of the Rivetti family. This was the year when the Rivetti family moved to La Spinetta, an area famous for producing Moscato d’Asti, a simple light wine that pairs perfectly with desserts and sweets. The Rivetti family has always been characterised by its ambition, which led them to expand beyond the borders of the Piedmont region in 2001 by purchasing 65 hectares of vineyards in Tuscany.

If there is something that stands out in the branding of the La Spinetta winery and the Barbaresco Vursù Starderi wine, it is its originality. Even though for many it may seem slightly outlandish, in fact it is simply a tribute to the German artist Albrecht Dürer and his famous drawing and wood carving of a rhinoceros. Full of history, just like the Rivetti family, the representation commemorates the moment when the rhinoceros set foot, or paw, in Europe for the first time. The rhinoceros, arrived as a gift to the king of Portugal by the governor of Portuguese India, fought an elephant and overpowered it. A few days later, the story of this exotic animal reached Germany and Albrecht Dürer and, inspired by some sketches, he started drawing without ever having actually seen a rhinoceros in the flesh.

The design of the label, conceived and created by the La Commerciale graphic industry, aims to highlight the famous Dürer drawing. It is therefore silk-screen printed, in chromatic contrast to the rest of the label, and is placed in a central position. Although it is not the main feature of the whole design project, the Vursù denomination attracts attention due to the printing technique used: bronze hot foil. To create this tribute to one of the most famous performances of all time, La Commerciale chose to use the Freelife Cream self-adhesive paper, an eco-friendly, recycled paper produced by Arconvert.