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Appellations Cellar: Premium character with Manter Sirio Pearl Shiny Blue

By on December 10th, 2018

Appellations Cellar, the American winery in Napa Valley, has included a Cabernet Sauvignon in its founding collection that is labelled using Manter Sirio Pearl Shiny Blue. This face-stock produced by Arconvert is surface coated with a special metallised, pearlescent finish. The label’s design is based on the brand’s logo: the head of a horse with a mane that flows in a semi-circle, conveying movement. As the base, Sirio Pearl Shiny Blue gives depth to the design and accentuates the logo, brand, variety and the information about the region, barrel and vintage. It is perfect for conveying elegance and restraint and is presented to consumers as a straightforward, sincere and authentic wine.
Appellations Cellar is a Californian concept that is aimed, among other things, at appealing to Millennials, who consume 42% of the wine produced in the United States. Its image has been created with this in mind and all Manter Sirio Pearl Shiny Blue’s expressive power adds to this.