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Olive Oil Label


By on December 6th, 2018

Olio Basso, a company that has been producing olive oil since 1904, has decided to create an elegant selection of D.O.P. and I.G.P. oils originating from the main regions of southern Italy. The new “Sabino Basso” line has succeeded in transforming the best Italian olives into premium extra virgin olive oils capable of captivating consumers’ senses: sight, thanks to the elegant appearance of the product; touch, due to the special shape of the bottle and the texture of the self-adhesive paper; and finally taste, when they try the product.

The Nju:comunicazione agency was responsible for creating the image for this elegant collection. In order to convey the roughness of the olives and the glow of the extra virgin olive oil, the designers decided to choose a self-adhesive paper produced by Arconvert to create the labels. Manter Tintoretto Pearl Greaseproof is a natural, pure-cellulose, felt-marked and glossy paper that undergoes greaseproof treatment to protect it from oils and vegetable grease. The main feature of this new look is the “Sabino Basso” brand, which is printed using a silk-screen varnish in the centre of the label, just above the unique, concentric grooves that give the bottle its shape.

The new image of “Sabino Basso”, created by Nju:communicazione, has received the Silver Award at the Pentawards 2018 in the “Food: Spices, Oils and Sauces” category.