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Alexander Beer soars high with Cast Gloss Silver Matt Ultra WS

By on November 26th, 2018

Alexander beer is named after a river in the Emek Hefer region of Israel. The brewers have revived a meticulous and handcrafted production process, slow like the turtles that live near the river and identify the brand logo. Vonsy Brand & Design have created the labels for Alexander beers using Manter Cast Gloss Silver Matt Ultra WS, produced by Arconvert. It is a high gloss off-machine chrome coated paper with a metallic matte silver finish and Ultra WS treatment. Along with the versatile aesthetic features of this self-adhesive paper, the Ultra WS treatment makes it perfect for labelling products that are exposed to condensation and thermal changes. Cast Gloss Silver Matt Ultra WS seems to be perfect for labelling refrigerated beer bottles.

The paper was the perfect choice for the designer Yael Vons to capture the character of the brand and distinguish its 6 varieties, some of which have received awards at various European Beer Star competitions. The turtles’ wings on the Alexander Beer label refer to the former profession of the brand’s founder, an Air Force pilot, who left planes behind to pursue his passion and become a brewer.

The label design project of Vonsy Brand & Design and the Arconvert self-adhesive paper give this extraordinary Israeli beer wings to soar high.