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Ramón Bilbao Reserva Original 43 on Cotone Bianco Ultra WS

By on November 15th, 2018

The textures and natural appearance of Manter Cotone Bianco Ultra WS, produced by Arconvert, made it the perfect choice by Calcco studio for the Ramon Bilbao Reserva Original 43 label. The wine pays homage to the winery’s founder, “the person who has always believed in wine”. The reason why the protagonist of the label is the number 43 is a secret that the wine company does not want to reveal and that the Logroño-based studio keeps under wraps. The label follows the classical design of the brand with a background illustration by Alex Ferreiro that conveys the concept of travel as a constant source of experience, which is the basis of Ramón Bilbao’s brand identity.

Cotone Bianco Ultra WS is the perfect way to bring this detailed label to life, which combines debossing, braille varnish, gold hot-foil and silk-screen printing. This selection of techniques is applied using the same mastery with which the iconic La Rioja winery produces its best wines.

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