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L’Atelier du Vinaigre adorned with Tintoretto Ivory

By on November 1st, 2018

The team at Studio Asensò has created the packaging for Granhota‘s L’Atelier du Vinaigre range, a collection of gourmet products from classic vinegar and vinegar flavoured with herbs to mustard and pepper of different origins. The French designers chose Manter Tintoretto Ivory paper, produced by Arconvert, to highlight the character of a line of select, traditionally-manufactured products. Granhota has revived the ancestral method of producing vinegar, “one that respects the product and nature and one that should never be forgotten”. The use of Tintoretto Ivory complements this handmade tradition. Its natural texture and felt-marked appearance convey all these traditional values while taking into account the possibilities offered by modern techniques.

This face-stock can also undergo greaseproof treatment, which is essential when labelling products such as oils, dressings and sauces, as it prevents stains and fingerprints.