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El Vuit 2015: a lady in black as Tintoretto Black Pepper

By on October 11th, 2018

Manter Tintoretto Black Pepper, produced by Arconvert, once again proves to be the best ally for achieving the most outstanding designs. Both wine enthusiasts and packaging lovers alike eagerly await each release of El Vuit (The Eight). Joan Josep Bertran’s studio works on the concept, design and technique for this annual event, which was set up by eight great names from the Priorat region (hence its name) – and it always gets it right. This time, the studio was inspired by the passionate words spoken by the founders of the wine initiative in 2016, who explained that “that the vintage of El Vuit was deep, dark, impenetrable but, in the end, absolutely captivating and electrifying, just like a lady in black.” In order to support this darkness, the studio chose Tintoretto Black Pepper, a pulp-coloured cellulose paper.

The Tintoretto Black Pepper face-stock enhances Álex Ferreiro’s luxury, baroque and thought-provoking illustration, created with three silk-screen inks and debossing finishes, resulting in a true black beauty.