Alaryk, with Sirio Pearl, wins the gold medal for design at the World Beer Awards

By on October 4th, 2018

The design of Alaryk’s Bière d’Hiver won the gold medal in the design category for France at the last World Beer Awards. Its label shines thanks to Manter Sirio Pearl Shiny Blue, produced by Arconvert. Romain Diant, the art director at Studio Asensò used a surface coating with a special metallic and pearlescent finish to differentiate this winter beer from the rest of the Alaryk Brewery range. Diant and his team created a cold and evocative universe surrounding it and they were helped by using Sirio Pearl Shiny Blue, along with the copper applications and white screen printing, to directly evoke the vast wintery skies, thus achieving an authentic and striking aesthetic character that earned it the award.

The Sirio Pearl range represents a world of chromatic possibilities ranging from Bitter Green to Red Fever, to more reserved options such as Oyster Shell or Pearl Platinum; they are luxurious and versatile face-stocks to boost creativity.

The World Beer Awards form part of the World Drink Awards and every year they reward the best beers in both the taste and design categories.