By on September 14th, 2018

When Mario Di Paolo, the creative director at SpazioDiPaolo, redesigns a label or the image of a range of wines, he goes far beyond mere appearance and aesthetics and digs right into the depths of the history of the wine, its producers, and its culture, as he did with the Vigneti Radica wine range.

The origins of the winery date back to the 1950s, when the progenitor of the Radica family acquired his first plot of land in Tollo with the money he received from the sale of a bull. Up to then the animal, which was rather rare in that region, had been very useful in helping the residents of the town in their work. As a result, the family became quite popular and everyone began referring to all its members, in a kind way, as “Li Ture”, meaning “The Bulls”, a nickname that the family has proudly used until today. The designer, Mario Di Paolo, thus decided not only to keep and respect tradition but also to give value to this rather distinctive and original iconographic element: the bull. A religious archetype in numerous civilisations, from Mesopotamia to Assyrian-Babylonian, including India. Even nowadays, the bull holds a place in the public’s imagination through the astrological meaning that is attributed to its constellation: the bull is a symbol of moral strength, physical power, as well as trust, loyalty and fertility. These are important values with which the Radica family is closely identified and that Mario Di Paolo has used as the basis of his project for the new image of Vigneti Radica wines.

The self-adhesive paper, Manter Tintoretto Gesso, produced by Arconvert, was chosen by the designer due to its felt marking and for its UWS treatment (Ultra Wet Strength), which makes it ideal even for wines that are placed in an ice bucket.

The graphic design for the labels is focussed on a realistic illustration of a bull printed in black and white. He has chosen a specific breed of bull for each wine along with a different coloured circle referring to the variety of wine. The circle is not only a simple graphic element, but a second label, which draws people’s attention and immediately adds information, hence playing a very important distinguishing role. In addition, it should be mentioned that it is not easy at all to apply from a technical standpoint because it must be perfectly aligned with its twin shape that is cut out of the label so that the underlying glass is visible. The rest of the label includes the winery’s logo and the wine variety stamped in silk printing with a retro font that is reminiscent of the characters of old typewriters from the years when the Radica winery was founded, the 1950s.

Mario Di Paolo has managed to enhance the meaning of the past by creating labels so original and appealing that they have even won the “Silver Award” at “Pentawards 2018”, one of the most prestigious international competitions dedicated to packaging design.