The Brewery, a new Arconvert catalogue that raises beer to the category of a gourmet product

By on September 12th, 2018

Arconvert launches The Brewery. The Beer Labelling Experience by Manter, a collection of self-adhesive papers for labels with exclusive inspiring designs created for craft beer makers and Premium beer producers. The specialists from Arconvert have created this new selection bearing in mind the resistance of the paper to moisture thanks to its Ultra WS treatment, a basic requirement so that the image of the beer keeps its character intact when in the fridge or in ice.


This new collection produced by Arconvert consists of a meticulous selection of 46 papers full of nuances and diverse textures, which can provide an indisputable image of added value to the best beers.


The face-stocks of The Brewery are an excellent, ideal and resistant support on which printing techniques and combined finishes can be used such as engravings, embossing and debossing, flexography and all kinds of stampings and that ensure full adherence to the widest range of special varnishes and inks. They have also been proven to have the maximum reliability in screen, offset and digital printing. The Brewery. The Beer Labelling Experience by Manter also includes 6 label prototypes of fictitious brands created by the designer Ingrid Torán from the studio in Barcelona Blou and Rooi. These half a dozen visual samples were developed based on the qualities of each of the papers selected and the very characteristics of each variety of beer, reflecting some of the most appreciated beer styles on the market.


The six samples contained in The Brewery are the starting point and inspiration to give free reign to the most daring creative ideas: the 46 face-stocks selected provide all that the boldest designers and printers could imagine to make their own customers’ brands stand out.


Arconvert is available for any suggestions or queries the users of its papers may have at the AskArconvert.club platform.