The west meets the east in the in&out label created by the designer mario di paolo, winner of the prestigious red dot award.

By on September 3rd, 2018


Collefrisio is located in the Abruzzi hills, in a geographic context that is particularly suitable for wine production and is a winery that has been producing excellent wines for three generations. In order to combine its high-quality standards with innovation, the whole productive process is internally managed in its underground winery, built under cleared land where there used to be a wine grove to ensure perfect conditions for production. The result of this process is the In&Out wine, a 100% Montepulciano grape variety aged in barrels for 24 months, the character of which stands out with the label created by the winner of numerous awards, the designer Mario di Paolo, the creative director at the Spazio di Paolo studio. As a holy allegory belonging to the Asian culture that represents will power, commitment, tenacity and positivity for change, the copper coloured carp in 3D applied to the label seems to take off by a leap from its outline that is engraved in the paper and defined by the contrast with the dark colour of the underlying glass. The carp and its outline are placed in opposite directions recalling the yin-yang symbol, another iconographic symbol characterising the collective Asian imaginary. The Collefrisio logo is printed in hot stamping bronze foil that takes on the colour of the carp, while the brand lettering is in black silkscreen-varnish.

These small but important graphic elements particularly standout in contrast with the rest of the label, which remains blank, spacious and clear. For such a unique and special label, Mario di Paolo chose the Manter Materica Gesso Ultra WS self-adhesive paper produced by Arconvert. This paper is composed of a mixture of cotton fibres, recycled fibres and pure cellulose and is treated with the Ultra WS technology that prevents wrinkling and reduces water absorption on the surface of the label.

Mario di Paolo’s project has hence endowed an air of distinction to a wine that was already considered noble but, thanks to this new In&Out image, has won the prestigious Red Dot design award and is winning over the eastern market too.