Jordan Jelev, The Labelmaker, the Magritte of wine, is inspired by the papers by Arconvert.  

By on July 20th, 2018


A wine label, for the designer, is just like a blank canvas on which he can create a work of art.

René Magritte, a leading exponent of surrealism, created unique and unforgettable works, the common feature of which was an open challenge to the conscious rationality to support the freedom of the imaginative potential of the unconscious in order to reach a cognitive state “beyond” reality (sur-reality) that enables us to reach beyond what is visible. In Bulgaria there is an artist who calls himself “The Labelmaker”, because he has been creating superb labels for the wine industry since 1998. However, Jordan Jelev (which is his real name) cannot be considered as simply a “label maker”, but rather an all-round artist – a worthy heir of the great surrealist painter. Every new label by the award-winning Bulgarian designer is a little masterpiece. When he receives a new assignment, Jordan does not stop at the mere graphic aesthetic part, he goes much further. He analyses every aspect, including the deepest ones, about the wine, its heritage and the winery. He burrows beneath the surface to the unspoken, the dreams and the expectations of the wine makers. As if it were a search for the final meaning, Jordan deals with every detail of all his projects, from building the brand to creating the lettering and a customised logo. This is how he manages to achieve a unique and cutting-edge character for each of his projects. He recently created the design of a superb and absolutely unique label with a “surrealist” touch for Heaven’s Door Wines. With such a unique name, the Heaven’s Door range of wines required an extremely original image. The background consists of a photo of a beautiful blue sky full of clouds. In the centre, a ladder leads to an abstract door, represented by a golden rhombus. It is clear that the door acts as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth. The concept of this label is very spiritual and full of metaphysical symbols: it makes you fly above the clouds towards new horizons with the certainty of reaching an otherworldly place. It is the divine connection with the magic of wine.

Jordan decided to print this label on the self-adhesive paper Constellation Jade Raster produced by Arconvert because it manages to provide it with greater elegance and shine, without taking away from the graphic design, to what can be considered, for all purposes, a small surrealist work of art. Thanks to the bright reflections of its pearlescent texture, this self-adhesive paper gives the sky an almost metallic effect and makes the clouds appear even more realistic, just how they should be in the design that Jordan imagined in the very beginning.


From his first label until now, Jordan Jelev has created numerous small works of art and who knows how many he has yet to create in the future. In the meantime, we would like to end with a quote from Jordan: “This is my short story and philosophy – the rest is hard work, knowledge, skills and experience, innovation and a competitive spirit. Being a wine label designer is not just fun and a passion – it is a great responsibility”

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Self-adhesive paper: Constellation Jade Raster Country by Arconvert

Designer: Jordan Jelev – The Labelmaker

Client: Velis Vineyards