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Mas Rodó builds its identity based on Sirio Pearl Ice White

By on July 16th, 2018

Raquel Orellana and Paco Díaz, from the Barcelona studio Play&Type, chose the elegant pearlescent Manter Sirio Pearl Ice White to reflect on paper the character of the single-variety wines and the Reserva de la Propiedad (Estate Reserve wines) of Mas Rodó. These 6 labels stand out for the brand’s consistent and highly recognisable design. The label’s background is a different colour for each product and is delicately marked with a transparent screen-printing varnish that creates streaks invoking the features of each type of soil. Play&Type has achieved a simplistic yet coherent, striking and unique image and, in order to do this, the choice of paper was absolutely crucial.

The Manter Sirio Pearl Ice White paper, produced by Arconvert, has a special surface coating with a metallic and pearlescent finish. It is water- and ice-resistant making it the perfect support for this minimalist and refined design in which colour is the main distinguishing feature. The layout, typography and a set of geometric triangles at the top and bottom edges of the frontal supports are features common to each label, revealing the Ice White paper and directly referring to Mas Rodó’s passion for modern architecture. In fact, the winery was a finalist in the National Architecture Prize 2009.

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