Seriesnemo tattoos the Compromiso wine produced by Viña Pomal on Manter Habana

By on July 4th, 2018


Viña Pomal chose Seriesnemo to develop the concept of Compromiso (Commitment in English), a wine that combines the whole winemaking tradition of this iconic Rioja winery with the aim of reinforcing the heritage of the oenology values through an innovative initiative.

They chose three of the best tattoo artists from New York, Brighton and Madrid and assigned them the task of branding the barrels where the wine is matured. The result is a striking campaign that stands out due to the contrast between the protagonists’ profiles – a reference to the most ambitious contemporary approach – and the character of a wine that preserves the memory of an activity that has been carried out for one thousand years.

As pointed out by the tattoo artist from New York, Megan Massacre, the aim is to “experiment with new styles, always endeavouring to learn and try out new techniques. The hardest thing is to keep searching for new challenges”. The features of Compromiso’s label had to connect with all the values the brand represents. The support chosen, due to its character and personality, was Manter Habana Wood produced by Arconvert. It is a frontal label created using a pure cherry laminate over a PET film, which is an undeniably bold choice for a branding concept that goes one step further seeking a differentiating image that sets it apart from the competition.