Manter Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof, the perfect support for labelling a Premium olive oil

By on June 11th, 2018

The greaseproof treatment provides Manter Tintoretto Gesso, produced by Arconvert, with characteristics that are perfect for labelling the best extra virgin olive oils. The resistance and versatility of the paper is the ideal starting point for the boldest creative designs. In the case of the ecological extra virgin olive oil Mallafré, the Barcelona studio, Made by Us, wanted to create an original and unique design, avoiding any clichés.

The team, led by Irene Gavalda, found its inspiration in the olive oil production processes. The use of the marble technique represents the decantation process, which separates the oil from the water. The stamping was applied to highlight the quality of the product and enhance certain features that are key factors in the design, reinforcing the notion of olive oil’s similarity to liquid gold. The Mallafré label was printed at Vidal i Armadans.