La Casa de las locas: a display of creativity on Manter Freelife Merida Ultra WS

By on June 8th, 2018

Bodegas Peñafiel transforms the essence of the depths of rural Galicia into an outstanding wine made with godello grapes called La casa de las locas (the house of the crazy women). A name as bold as this required a paper that would allow the designers at (calcco) to develop the whole of the brand’s potential. Thus, Manter Freelife Merida Ultra WS paper produced by Arconvert was chosen. It is an ecological, felt-marked paper made with cotton, recycled fibres with Ultra WS treatment, suitable for labels of products that will be kept cold and in contact with ice and water.

The creativity of (calcco) depicts a main character that refers to the legacy of tradition: a woman dressed in black standing at the entrance to her house. Although her clothes show a clearly rebellious element – a pair of yellow shoes – her surroundings do not fall short in this respect either: from the colourful esparto curtains to the name of the house, the Bowie-style lightning bolt printed on one of the doors and the mysterious bust in the basket at the woman’s feet. All of this comes to life thanks to a variety of techniques that create a mysterious and thought-provoking image.