It was the year Nineteen’67

By on April 11th, 2018

“Diciannove ’67” is a wine produced by Vinicola Consoli in a limited edition of only 1330 bottles. The Vinicola Consoli wines are identified with a wonderful territory cultivated by the Consoli family that in the past, present and future has been caring for these lands for three generations. The solidly established farming company is based on values such as love for the land and the authentic products obtained there. As the name of the wine suggests, the exclusive “Diciannove ’67” is dedicated to 1967, a year marked by important historical events that changed the contemporary era. In order to represent the most important events taking place in 1967, the designer, Giulio Patrizi, has selected a total of nineteen photos taken from the press in those times to include on the label in the form of variable details within the graphic design project. The label, which hence comes in nineteen variations, is printed with artisanal care by the Nexla labelling factory on Manter’s Nature Paper White self-adhesive paper produced by Arconvert that enhances the play on layers by hot printing, embossed silk-screen printing and digital printing using HP Indigo technology. The label was awarded the silver medal at the International Packaging Competition of Vinitaly 2018  in the red wine category 2016 and 2017.

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