A label that reveals the story behind the Merul wines.

By on April 3rd, 2018

Merul wines’s ( tradition dates back to the old Bulgarian history of the Thracian kings, so it was not a piece of cake for Jordan Jelev ( to restyle the brand so as it would be contemporary and appealing, but also recognizable as the original Merul at first sight. The authentic story behind the brand helped Jordan to unlock his creativity and create a memorable label collection. Merul is the name of a small region located in Bulgaria, where, in 1949, the Deykovi brothers found the Panagyurishte Gold Treasure, that belonged to the Thracians who inhabited those lands in the ancient times. Since the Deykovi brothers were three, the designer created on the label three roundish shapes of different sizes around a colored oval filled with a dozen of smaller jewel-shaped objects either gold hot foil stamped or 3D varnish silk-printed. The oval represents the hollow where the treasure was hidden, while the small objects represent the treasure jewels. The oval comes in a different color for each wine of the Merul range. Since the bottle is bigger than the usual wine bottles, it needed a larger label to be dressed with. Jordan Jelev’s paper choice fell on Manter Constellation Snow Country produced by Arconvert because of its delicate texture and fine details and because he wanted that the matt effect of the paper texture would provide and harmonic counterbalance to the gloss effect of the large ovals 3D varnish silk-printed.