El Cosmonauta orbiting Manter Cotone Bianco

By on February 19th, 2018


The vine-grower that the illustrator Alex Ferreriro created for El Mozo Wines would be nothing special if it were not for the fact that he is floating by a lack of gravity. His space suit must also be connected to a mother ship that supplies the oxygen required to work on his farm.  Holding a hoe, he levitates over the grape vines of the El Cosmonauta (The Cosmonaut) label, designed by Moruba.

This faraway galaxy is created on Manter Cotone Bianco, a 100% natural cotton paper that Arconvert reserves for products created for pleasure. The Cotone Bianco paper originated in Fabriano, the leading paper production centre in Europe, which lends its name to the historic factory of the Fedrigoni group.


El Mozo Wines produces three variations of El Cosmonauta, with colour-coded labelling. The red one, El Cosmonauta y el viaje en el tiempo, is a galactic trip to discover the same wine that grandfather Teodoro drank. The green label, El Cosmonauta y el barranco de agua, is the white wine of the space station made from Malvasía Riojana grapes of the Vasconegra farm. The blue label represents the interstellar vehicle of El Cosmonauta en el paraje 601, a wine from a unique farm like a diving suit among wine barrels.

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