El Edén, printed on Manter Polar White paper.

By on February 12th, 2018

Brandsummit has done a sensational job at designing and creating two labels for El Edén, the new line of German Gilabert cavas from Vinos terruños. These two labels are printed on Manter Polar White self-adhesive paper, a natural, pure cellulose paper produced by Arconvert that stands out for its high degree of whiteness.


This time Brandsummit has used the collage technique in order to design and create the image evoking paradise, consisting of pictorial and literary motifs alluding to the Garden of Eden. Thanks to the combination of subtly applied printing techniques, the figurative details printed on these two beautiful labels achieve some great finishing touches that make a difference and provide considerable added value to the product’s image.


It is a series of two very attractive labels, one in cold, blue colour tones, with gold stamping for the white cava and the other with warmer, terracotta tones and a silver stamping finish for the rosé cava.

This chromatic difference means that the two varieties of cava can be distinguished one from the other at the points of sale but, at the same time, the aesthetic coherence is maintained that identifies the producer and keeps the focus on the images invoking the Garden of Eden.

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