Fruto Noble prints on Manter Materica Gesso.

By on February 8th, 2018

Beautiful fragments from works of art convey the eroticism and pleasure of the forbidden in this range of labels printed on Manter Materica Gesso, produced by Arconvert; a special, top of the range self-adhesive paper, ideal for creating a sophisticated image for this excellent vintage wine called Fruto Noble.


The gold stamping and screen-print embossment applied delicately to Manter Materica Gesso contribute to providing different feelings to the look and feel and enhance the result of the impressive image meticulously designed by CabelloxMure.


The harmonious combination of the features and colour result in the whole concept conveying classical yet innovative aesthetics.


The CabelloxMure team, responsible for the entire conceptual and graphic development of the Fruto Noble image, has worked with great skill on aspects as intricate as the effect of the light when projected onto the bottle to create reflections and volume. The choice of subtle and elegant finishes that distinguish these labels and the gold stamping with screen-print embossment also contribute to and enhance this evocative and very original image.
This range of labels for Fruto Noble is a true homage to the story of love and passion between Bacchus, the God of wine and pleasure, and Princess Ariadne, a symbol of the spirit and inspiration that comes in times of great adversity.


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