“26 Moons” Gin by Martin Miller’s labelled with Manter Cotone Bianco.

By on January 22nd, 2018

Since its launch, Martin Miller’s Gin has been a gin that has won the most prizes in the world. It has been awarded the top prizes for excellence by the world’s leading blind tasting institutions.

Sharing the same DNA, “26 Moons” Gin, Martin Miller’s latest release, is an exclusive, premium gin labelled with Manter Cotone Bianco, one of the best self-adhesive papers produced by Arconvert. It is a 100% natural cotton paper with remarkable high quality and strength, full of nuances for the touch and to the eye. Each bottle of “26 Moons” is individually numbered and its contents have been matured for over two years in Madeira barrels; two years and two months to be exact, hence its name “26 Moons”. It is later blended with Icelandic spring water until it reaches a bottled concentration of 42% ABV. The complexity of the production process for Martin Miller’s “26 Moons” is unquestionably one of the secrets to its success and has made it a real object of desire, only acquirable for a very privileged few.

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