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Rey Noble print on Manter Waterproof

By on December 18th, 2017

The Rey Noble label is the work of the Moruba design studio and is printed on Manter Waterproof, a paper especially produced by Arconvert that is treated on both sides using a special formula to ensure that it is extremely resistant in ice buckets and highly opaque when damp. This paper is of remarkable quality and magnetism that, due to its texture, can convey the real beauty of this natural pure cellulose paper.

As Moruba explains to us, Rey Noble is a wine inspired by one of the most famous kings of Navarra: Carlos III, commonly known as “the Noble”. A huge blue heart – like the blood of royalty – symbolises the monarch’s benevolence. Unlike other great wines, the printing comes to the forefront here, taking on a clear leading role, thanks to the composition and use of some gold finishes against a dark background.

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