Jazz Nature, winner of the Innovation prize at the IPA Awards 2017

By on December 11th, 2017


The Jazz Nature cava label for Castell de Sant, printed on Manter Splendorlux Pearl Ice, won the prize for INNOVATION in labels/sleeves category at the IPA Awards ceremony at the Packaging Innovation Madrid 2017 trade fair. Congratulations!

This unique label produced by Graficas Varias was designed by Ladyssenyadora and represents a piano octave. It consists of 14 white labels, portraying the natural keys that are affixed to the bottle’s dark glass, applied at a certain distance from each other, contrasting with the whiteness of the Manter Splendorlux Pearl Ice paper produced by Arconvert.  This design creates, with the sharp and flat notes, all the keys that make up a piano octave; a really challenging task for the label printer and calibrator that have now achieved recognition for such technically impeccable and meticulous work.

Jazz Nature arrives on the market in a deluxe edition, accompanied by a Txell Sust & Tharrats CD in a wooden box, also designed by Ladyssenyadora. It is an innovative and original project that brings together both music and wine.

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