Perfume&Beauty Label Collection by Manter

By on November 6th, 2017


Arconvert is proud to present the Jardins à la Française, Perfume&Beauty Label Collection by Manter, a selection of self-adhesive materials produced by Arconvert that, brought together in this fascinating visual-book, create a true surge of creativity and ingenuity. As Juan Gil puts it, this is a proposal that breaks all the moulds and proves that paper is a new trend in a sector characterised by the need to be different and to convey values of elegance, glamour and individuality.

The agency Servaire&Co has put all its renowned talent and experience into creating the beauty and cosmetic products shown in this new visual-book. A true source of inspiration expressed in 7 labels that showcase, with great precision, an excellent design and printing work in a wide range of self-adhesive materials with high added value, among which we can highlight the new and exclusive range of grease-proof papers that are particularly suitable for the cosmetic and perfume sector.

A unique collection aimed at showcasing and promoting the endless possibilities offered to us by our selection of self-adhesive materials, Jardins à la Française Beauty&Perfume by Manter.

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