ORGANIC, the Nature Label Collection by Manter.

By on October 26th, 2017

Manter is proud to present its new Organic face material collection.

Eight carefully selected and remarkable materials produced by Arconvert that, with their delicate natural texture, colour and aroma, can take us right into the heart of the forest.

This new collection does not just convey naturalness, it is in fact nature itself.

It is the very spirit of the forest, the memory of the earth, the tracks of time… These are uneven textures that convey the feeling of wind, water, fire, cold and the sun. They evoke feelings and emotions that are associated with the natural and artisanal products that express these very values of purity and authenticity.

This is the essence of our new collection, a real homage to nature.

The Organic collection actively contributes to maintaining and sustaining our cork oak forests, one of the ecosystems with the richest biodiversity, the natural habitat of the imperial eagle, the black stork and the Iberian lynx. The cork oak tree is special in that its bark regenerates if it is harvested in regular intervals over years. Regularly harvesting of the cork ensures the trees’ healthy growth throughout their whole lifespan of between 150 and 200 years. A simply eco-friendly act, such as choosing this material for future labelling products, contributes to protecting the environment.

See for yourself. Ask for your sample brochure and we will deliver it to you within a few days.