“1929”: a history of Oil Lallo

By on September 12th, 2017

1929 was the year of the inauguration of Moma in New York, the year of the birth of the Vatican State and of Serie A – the Italian football league, and Lallo olive oil was born either. Resulting from the passion of grandpa Raffaele and grandma Benedetta, Lallo EVO oil is a family tradition that dates back to more than eighty years ago and passed down through the family, generation after generation. “1929” is a cold pressed extra virgin oil made from the best quality olives, that confer an intense and fruity taste to this finest juice of nature, particularly recommended as a cold dressing.

Such a unique oil and so rich flavor definitely deserved an equally exclusive label featuring history and tradition. Simple and elegant, “1929” label is printed on Manter Tintoretto Gesso greaseproof produced by Arconvert, a self-adhesive paper created specifically to stay immaculate and ultimately solve the unaesthetic criticality of the stains caused by the oil dropping down along the bottleneck. “1929” is not just a date to remember, but also a tasty oil and beautiful to see.