Nivarius and Manter’s Cotone Bianco, the cold makes them exceptional.

By on June 20th, 2017

Nivarius means “snowfall, snow well, snowdrift”, and were stores to keep snow for use in the summer, always located in lower temperature areas. The brand of these exceptional white wines fosters the image of a white environment, almost icy. The ingenuity of the design studio Calcco, has resulted in a sophisticated and elegant image for the ensemble of bottle and label printed on Manter’s Cotone Bianco produced by Arconvert, with a perfect finish thanks to the use of gold stamping and the detailed embossing which characterises this beautiful label. A combination of printing techniques to achieve fame and distinction.


Nivarius 2014, is a limited edition with only 21,700 bottles of this high-altitude wine made with native Riojan vineyard varieties located in the coldest zones of Nalda and Albelda de Iregua at an altitude of 700m with a unique orientation towards the north. From these particularly cold places, the vineyards of La Rioja produce year after year the native varieties of grapes that are used to make the Nivarius wines, all of which are white. The average yearly temperature is very cold and produce varieties of grapes that have a much more acidic, fresh and fruity character. Unique and distinguishing variables of the most exquisite white wines.


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