Winning wines although the score is Deuce.

By on May 29th, 2017

Deuce brand was born when Jordan Jelev – aka The Labelmaker – met Lalo Geshev and Nikolay Kolev, a couple of friends and wine producers who share a great passion for winemaking and  music – they play bass and drums in the same band. They have opposite personalities since Lalo is the creative one, while Nikolay is very solid and sound. Lalo makes the red wines, Nikolay the whites. They complement one another and they are equals as friends and business partners. This is the story behind the brand and Jordan Jelev managed to create the perfect label for it. He let himself be inspired by the genuine and sincere relationship between the winery owners. Jordan said that he choose Manter Constellation Jade Raster self-adhesive paper produced by Arconvert because it shines in its own light and it is like an immaculate canvas. The graphic design consist of a vertical stripe that splits the label into two halves – just like a tennis court.

The vertical stripe represents the net of the tennis court and has been die-cut to let see the wine colour. The circles and squares symbolize respectively Lalo and Nikolay – the two tennis players. They really shine on the label since they have been printed with rich gold hot-foil, just like the brand name Deuce. Jordan’s final touch is an abstract pattern in which transparent varnish circles transition into squares and metaphorically represent the winery owners’ personalities melting into one another through their wines.
Deuce Chardonnay Barrel Fermented is the first wine labelled with this beautiful label and wine experts say it is incredible.

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Client: Lalo Geshev & Nikolay Kolev
Design: The Labelmaker
Brand Creation: Jordan Jelev
Bottle: Agape by Saverglass
Paper: Manter Constellation Jade Raster by Arconvert
Photo: Jordan Jelev

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