Oscar della Stampa, premio laVedovella, 2016. Foto di Ugo De Berti, www.udb.it

La Commerciale

By on April 18th, 2017
La Commerciale is Best Label Printer at The Oscar of Printing with Arconvert self-adhesive materials
The commercial
The Commerciale is the winner of the prize for the best printer labels in the Oscars of printing materials with self-Adhesive Arconvert.
The ceremony of the Oscars of impression ” Vedovella ” took place in the ” Sole 24 ore ” based in Milan, in which the protagonists were the excellencies of the graphic arts in Italy.
This prestigious event, in its 25th Edition, gathered around 200 entrepreneurs in the industry. The Academy award for ” Best Label Printer ” was awarded ” the commerciale “.
The Award was presented at the hands of Ferdinand Reusch and Andrea Citernesi respectively vice president business and promoter of gallus in heidelgerg, Italy.
This recognition brings out the strength in leadership and vision of “the commerciale” as well as their creativity and ambition to innovate.
The Commerciale is a point of reference within the sector.
With more than 70 years of experience and an outstanding record of excellence, successfully combined care Craftsman, the best materials and elegance in all the details.
Labels Printed with “the commerciale” in self-Adhesive Material Arconvert, full of details that require a careful and thorough job of printing, they are able to give the bottle and the image of the product a high value added.