SOULMATEs & Manter Constellation Jade Raster

By on April 10th, 2017

SOULMATEs – a unique label designed by The Label Maker and printed on Manter Constellation Jade Raster

SOULMATEs is a new brand created by the designer Jordan Jelev – aka The Label Maker – for Stratsin Winery. The winemakers are the reason behind the name SOULMATEs. Stratsin Winery is a company founded by four wine producers, who share the same ideas and interests and work together to reach the same goals.

This authentic and respectful relationship that goes beyond working, is represented through the simple winery logo and the contemporary design of the label. The design encompasses a very simple yet meaningful idea consisting of two overlapping circles that symbolize the winery owners’ relationship both as friends and as winemakers in love with their job. The leaf-shaped intersection of the circles represents everything they have in common and their being SOULMATEs.

For such a relevant label project, the designer needed an equally outstanding self-adhesive paper featuring uniqueness and strong personality, so he chose Manter Constellation Jade Raster produced by Arconvert.  “I like Manter Constellation Jade Raster very much and I often use it” – said Jordan Jalev. He customized the paper as if it was exclusively created for this specific label by working on the label background with two transparent varnishes that created a pattern of horizontal lines and an outlined version of the winery logo. The result is an elegant texture that looks more and more evident whenever you turn around the bottle and light enlightens the paper surface. The central intersection being the heart of the label, the designer did not want to add further printing effects but gold hot foil to highlight the perfection and synthesis of the leaf shape.

The geometry and modern look of Quasimoda font by Lettersoup as much as the clean lines and the essential vertical section of the bottle – Agape by Saverglass – added extra appeal to the graphic design.

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