Piquentum St.Vital and Manter’s Cotone Bianco. A natural alliance.

By on March 20th, 2017

Nature speaks through this label.

The label of this magnificent wine conveys how quickly the year of the harvest was. The different 3D embossed sculptural circles represented the amount of rain collected in each month of that year.

The vintage years are traditionally identified on the wine bottle, but how many of us are really able to understand its significance? In reality, it represents the natural conditions under which the wine matured and consequently impacts upon its flavour.

But, as a result of the advancement in new technologies in cultivation as well as sophisticated oenological techniques, the year that features on the bottle has lost a significant portion of its importance because flavours are now available in authentic ready-made batches and are not directly linked with real-world climatic conditions.

However, this label explicitly shows the impact of the weather on the vintage so that we are able to easily compare the different years of harvest. The label, as a reflection of the year in which the wine was produced, seeks to stimulate debate and discussion. In this way, wine, as one of the most historically acclaimed products, becomes a medium through which the importance of understanding nature is underlined.

The label of a natural wine like this one is also made with an authentically natural 100% cotton paper: Manter’s Cotone Bianco Ultra WS 120gr, produced by Arconvert and able to achieve the most intricate of printing techniques, such as, in this case, 3D embossing.