Wine Label

Basegio Pubblicitá bets on Manter Tintoretto Crystal Salt.

By on November 14th, 2016

Casa Defrà is a wine with a unique character which is labelled with a design by Baseggio Pubblicità on Manter’s Tintoretto Crystal Salt self-adhesive paper, a specially conceived paper for the labelling of added value gourmet products.

The printing techniques combined in the design of this sophisticated label has been skilfully made by Baseggio Pubblicità to enhance the image of Casa Defrà and gives an air of nobility to this exquisite wine. It is worth highlighting the richness of the finishes, particularly the hot stamping in copper tones and subtle embossing perceptible by touch. A delicate piece of work, loaded with nuances that will delight lovers of subtleties and insinuations.

Baseggio Pubblicità, with their label for Casa Defrà, show us how betting on a good design is an inalienable value for top range products.


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