IL Gatto Pardo & Manter Tintoretto Gesso

By on October 17th, 2016

The designer Cristina Ciamporcero has done a fantastically creative and aesthetically pleasing job for the new design of the collection of wines, il Gatto Pardo.

A meticulous artistic design that above all required some extensive research in order imbue the image of this unique wine with character, history and culture. The label, printed on Manter’s Tintoretto Gesso, adds to its image, capable of evoking the roots and proud Italian origin of the product.

Cristina Ciamporcero was inspired by the mosaic of the floors that appear in the legendary films of Visconti: II Gatto Pardo. A magnificent terrace with stunning views of the Italian countryside, from which the Salina observe the arrival of the troops of Garibaldi. Il Gatto Pardo is a literary masterpiece, classic film and now also the name of a collection of Italian wines with an impeccable and traditional image.

A series of labels that stand out for their sobriety and elegance. All of them are printed on Manter’s Tintoretto Gesso ultra WS paper, in different colours so that there is an identifiable colour contrast between each of the varieties. For the label finishes, various printing techniques have been combined, including braille and a silver effect on the logo.


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