Beauty in Bloom with Manter’s Cotone Bianco.

By on October 3rd, 2016

The delicate charm and diversity of the orchid embellishes and imbues with significance the design of Kidia, a range or wines from Chile whose beautiful design fascinates us.

This beautiful design, completed by Antonia Cousiño, stands out for the meticulous care with which the designers have worked on each and every one of the little details that feature on this stunning label. The use of embossing, gloss varnish and metallic stamping is used to achieve a sophisticated and elegant finish, which, when applied on the right natural texture of Manter’s self-adhesive Cotone Bianco paper, achieves a spectacular result.

Kidia: a wine, a design and as delicate and attractive as a flower.

A series of labels printed on Manter’s Cotone Bianco self-adhesive paper that perfectly reflects the idea and balance of harmony and purity.

Design by Antonia Cousiño, of Cousiño associated branding+design.

Illustrations by María José Pedraza.

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