Alaryk beer. Better, impossible.

By on September 19th, 2016

The beer, Alaryk is an authentic, gourmet beer. Made with the best ingredients, beyond the standards of the industry, it is a 100% organic, artisanal beer.


Its label, printed on Manter’s Cotone Bianco, was designed by the graphic studio, Asenso. With the intention of presenting this special beer, native to Béziers, the heart of Languedoc, as though it were one of France’s great wines, the studio has developed a detailed design of both the identity and image of the brand.

A flawless and elegant design that expresses and evokes the perfection of its artisanal origin and the quality of each element involved in the creative process: from the choice of raw materials, to the bottle and packaging. The rich texture of Manter’s self-adhesive Cotone Bianco used for the label enhances the ideas of authenticity, pureness and self-worth, all evident in this exceptional gourmet beer.


Design and photographs, Asenso.

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