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The Treasure of Bulgaria.

By on September 12th, 2016

 The label of Bulgarian Treasure, printed on Manter’s Constellation Jade Raster, was a considerable challenge for its creators. As creative director of TheLabelmaker, Jordan Jelev, explains “this was a Herculean task, a project that went beyond the contents of the bottle”.

TheLabelmaker is a design and graphic communication studio and one of the leading designers of labels for some of the best wines and liquors Bulgaria has to offer. Some of their projects, such as Bulgarian Treasure, are already recognised as icons in the wine and spirit industry of the country.

The label of this splendid wine features a design which denotes a cultural and historical mix of two of the most important symbols of Bulgaria. The first is the incredible Bulgarian talent of creating works of art made with only pure gold, such as the golden treasure of Panagyurishte. And the second, is the Mavrud, the famous variety of Bulgarian grape, found in old traditional legends that speak of surprising and exquisite Bulgarian wines.

Two ancient traditions that survive until today and now reflected in the label of Bulgarian Treasure. An iconic and spectacular label that stands out for its golden decoration and the head of the golden stag Rhyton, one of the most beautiful iconic elements of the treasure of Panagyurishte.

With a professional trajectory of more than 15 years of experience, the project by TheLabelmaker stands out for the care and attention paid to every detail in the design and for providing personalised graphic solutions in which the typography and calligraphy play a very special role.

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