Wine Label

Manter Savile Row and Silencio.

By on June 13th, 2016

Cono Sur’s Silencio could be considered as one of the best, word class Ultra-Premium wines, coming from the Maipo Valley, Chile. The prestigious guide Descorchados awarded the wine the accolades, ‘best red’ and ‘best Cabernet Sauvignon’, as well as giving the wine 98 points, making it the wine with the highest score in the 17-year history of South America’s most celebrated wine guide.

A minimalist, sober and elegant design on the label summarises the essence of this exceptional wine. A label printed on Manter’s Savile Row Tweed Dark Grey, a pure cellulose, self-adhesive paper, embossed and with textile design, perfect for the highly added value design of Silencio, a Cabernet Sauvignon which, as its name indicates, leaves us speechless, in silence.

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