Wine Label

24 Mozas and Manter’s Constellation Snow Intrecctio.

By on May 23rd, 2016

A paper like Manter’s Constellation Snow Intreccio, a natural pure cellulose paper, embossed, rich in textures and subtle shades, is capable of illuminating the beauty of the label of 24 mozas, a wine from Toro, made by the Divina Proporción bodega, and which has just launched its new image inspired by folklore and the happiness associated with the mythical town of Toro. Flowery suits and shawls adorn and give meaning to the design and label of this exemplary red wine.

The sophisticated printing techniques of this label combine gold stamping and touches of intense red serigraphy for the roses. A label full of details for a wine which takes its name from the verses of the song ‘tío Babú’ [‘Uncle Babú], a traditional song that chronicles the story of a wedding in Toro, at which “there were not 24 (girls), there were 25 because the bride was there too”. Wine, celebration and tradition.

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